Heyward House Background

Where did the name Heyward House come from? 

We chose the name Heyward House because my grandfather, James Heyward White (whom I'm named after) owned a business in the 1960's called Heyward House, manufacturing high-end decorative lamps and home decor sold worldwide. Hence, we chose a lamp as our logo to honor his legacy. The lamp is also representative of Psalm 119:105- 'Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path'. Without God's guidance and never ending grace in our lives, we would never be where we are today. 

The lamp in our logo is surrounded by camellia flowers, which is our family favorite- as Blair's father loved camellias his entire life. You may notice that we featured the camellia on many of our pajamas and bedding, as this is a design that is very close to our hearts honoring Blair's father's legacy and love in our lives.  

Heyward House Family

(James Heyward White's Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren)