1. What is the order minimum? Opening orders are $750 and $250 for orders proceeding. Online-only boutiques have different requirements: $1000 opening order and 15% deposit.
  2. What is your shipping policy? Retailer is to pay shipping costs. All shipping is FOB. Heyward House is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments once they depart our facility. However, we will do our best to help resolve/find the shipment/order.
  3. Do I have to buy size runs? We understand that each retailer has different target customers. However, there are minimums for individual products. 
  4. Why the long wait to receive products after purchase? There are a variety of reasons for the timeline between designing, ordering, manufacturing and delivering the final product(s). Heyward House products are made in Peru which has been experiencing some unique issues within the country. Our products are carefully manufactured by our partner in Peru to assure print quality, product quality and integrity of laborers, then shipped to us in the United States. US Customs can be an additional reason due to randomized package inspection.
  5. What is your return and exchange policy for wholesale? Heyward House does not accept returns or exchanges unless items are defective (due to manufacturing) or the wrong product was sent. We manufacturer our products to order.
  6. What is the Heyward House pricing policy? Heyward House retailers are required to price the item(s) using the Heyward House MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) or higher unless a predetermined agreement between Heyward House and the retailer is made. However, if the same item is on sale at shopheywardhouse.com, then the retailer is allowed to use our sale price for the same item. Heyward House pricing policy is maintained for brand integrity.
  7. Do you offer zip code protection? Zip code protection is a case by case basis to be decided by Heyward House, LLC. 
  8. Can images from shopheywardhouse.com or Heyward House social media be used? Yes with certain conditions. They must be unedited and unaltered and must only be used to promote Heyward House products and or the Heyward House brand. 
  9. Can I sell Heyward House products online? Yes, with a few conditions: You must own and operate the website(s). The product(s) must have the Heyward House name or logo in the product name, description or photograph. Third-party sites/marketplaces are not permitted (ex. amazon.com, wal-mart.com, Faire.com, etc.)
  10. Can I sell Heyward House products in other physical location(s) than the approved retail store? Yes, with prior written consent. As long as it is not to unauthorized vendor(s) or distribution channels. If Heyward House is participating in the same retail show as the vendor, there must be a written agreement between the retailer and Heyward House before the show takes place.
  11. Can I alter Heyward House products before I resell them? It depends. Monogramming is an acceptable form of altering. However, removing the hang tag(s) or removing any sewn tag(s) is not accepted. Altering product(s) voids the return of altered item(s).